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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  December 19, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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has become so haunted for me now. 5:39" this is kpix5 news on kbcw. >> this has become so haunted. >> her housebroken into twice in just the past nine months. this time, she hid in a closet only to be found by the robbers. a woman came face to face with them and things turned violent. betty tells us about the terrifying ordeal. >> two men dressed in hoodies took a casual walk across the lawn before two others followed sprinting toward this home. they kicked down this door in seconds while the woman inside too afraid to show her face on camera hid in her closet. >> i thought originally, if i make some noise, thinking somebody isn't there. >> before bad guys and the victim were only separated by a closet door. >> they opened up the closet,
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they are trying to close it back again and they are huge, making big noise. i got scared and left. >> that's when things turned violent. >> the shouting. ponted the gun at me. he just took it from me. >> the man stole her wedding ring right off of her. just after 5:00 p.m. yesterday. before jumping in the silver infinity suv. it was captured on the family surveillance video casing the home minutes before. they were so bold, they used their driveway. the couple installed a security camera after they were burglarized in february. >> i was pregnant seven months and after the incident happened, i had a miscarriage and i lost the child. my house was ripped apart. my master bedroom, everything was pulled out of the closet. >> police can't say whether or
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not the crimes are connected. in just the last 30 days. this latest home invasion has shaken up the neighborhood understandably, fremont pd has worked with this community to beef up its neighborhood watch program. many people installed cameras and alarms, but unfortunately in this case, it wasn't enough to deter the crooks. live in fremont, kpix5. >> we have new video of three people breaking into a home. the three appear to be looking for way in, then finally, one of the suspects shatters the window. the santa clara county sheriff's office says once inside, the suspects went through a bedroom and stole a jewelry box. now thanks to that surveillance video, investigators have these images of the suspects. they haven't quite pinned down the ages of the three. if you recognize them or have any information about the burglary, the sheriff's office would like to hear from you. >> tonight, nearly a dozen bay
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area animals are safe after being rescued from a suspected dog fighting operation. >> a nice little dog that deserved a better life. >> the lats on their conditions and what the owner says is really going on. >> inside oakland animal services, hit 11 quivering, tear fid pit bulls which opd says were at this home on eldridge avenue. >> some of these are relatively new. >> the man who lives at the home and calls himself john didn't want his face shown on camera and spoke only with kpix5. says the allegations aren't true. >> i'm afraid i try to breed the dog, but it wasn't any fighting. >> home with chewed up kennel, stakes in the ground and hastily put up cages had the classic markers of a dog fighting operation like these chains, weights, and a treadmill. john says he is being set up.
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>> you had a treadmill and chains. >> weights, exercise. you can go online, go anywhere and buy whatever i have. >> inside animal services, the dogs will be temperment tested and for this shivering dog that bit two officers today likely put down. >> the person that was running this operation ruined these dogs. >> it's not a fighting ring. >> the dogs will be checked out by a veterinarian here tonight. the dogs owner insists he is not a dog fighter and wants his animals back, though he doesn't know how he's going do that. in oakland, kpix5. >> animal services hopes to get the pit bulls into loving homes. reckless driving charges for this deadly san francisco crash is free on bail. the judge says 58-year-old,
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jenny chu is not allowed to drive. police say she was driving l 80 miles per hour when she rear ended a mini van. a teenager died and several other people were injured. pleaded not guilty and faces seven years in prison if convicted. oakland police say a suspected drunk driver caused this fiery scene at a gas station earlier this morning. right after he ran through a dui check point and led officers on a brief chase. police pulled him out of his burning car and put him in handcuffs. >> tonight, we're getting a better idea of the scope of the security breech at target. 40million americans who shop there in the past several weeks from november 27 through december 15 may have had their personal information stolen. juliette goode rich with how some people are finding out they are victims. juliette. >> target sent out millions of e-mails. i got one talking about the security breech and what to do. i also sent out a message on
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facebook to see if anyone has fallen victim to this. i got messages instantaneously and from one woman who shops here at this target, the day after thanksgiving. >> continue using your card, please verify these three transactions. >> she had no way to know she and millions of other shoppers were about to be scammed. >> so, i went on my bank account and it said los angeles. >> someone charged $54.95 on her credit card in l.a. >> said the store number. >> here's how investigators believe it happened. first, a sew sophisticated hacker broke into target's computer system and gained access to the company's credit and debit card terminals. then, when shoppers swipe their cards to make purchases, the hackers stole the card data up to 40 million customers,
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including names, card numbers, expiration dates, and security codes. >> once they get that private data, they can sell credit card numbers to other who's will purchase it for pennys on the dollar and those people down the line will use it for fraudulent services. >> contact target, but the company's facebook page was swamped with angry complaints from customers who couldn't get through online or by phone. >> it's almost 2014, you think they would have some kind of high-tech security going on where they could figure it out. >> but security experts say this could happen to almost any company as big as target. and debit card transactions don't have the same legal protections as credit cards. and even if your bank agrees to put the money back in your account, it could take days, even weeks. >> and this security breech affects those who shop inside
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target, not online. target is warning all of its customers to double check your statement. in san ramon, kpix5. >> congresswoman is one of those target shoppers now monitoring their credit card statements. she wants to know what the retailer knew and when. >> one of the things i think needs to take place is an oversight hearing to determine what took so long for target to identify that there had been a breech. >> she would like to see legislation that will better protect debit card customers. >> the public utility commission is forcing pg and e to pay a hefty fine for a pipeline problem. the commission says pg and e has to pay $14.3 million because of poor recordkeeping. documents insisted a gas pipeline was seemless. gas leaks revealed the line does have wells. the national transportation safety board is recommend k
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sweeping changes following the deaths of two workers on the bart tracks in october. these aren't just for bart, but for all transit agencies. the ntsb is recommending trains. it also suggests rail worker haves a warning device that they could attach to the track. board's board says it welcomes the recommendations. >> anything that moves us in the direction of providing a more safe work environment, i have no problems with it and will be prepared to support. >> a report said the two men killed on the bart tracks did not follow safety rules. those rules required at least one person to serve as a lookout. >> the bart board elected a new president today and he quickly stirred things up by suggesting a ban on future strikes. the idea would be put before voters. on the state legislature is capable of banning a strike. the board president said he
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hoped the boat would be enough. in exchange, workers would have the ability to go to finding arbitration. >> three separate bus crashes killed one person and injured dozens more. the most serious accident happened in san diego county. a tour bus was heading to a kasino where it overturned. chp says a passenger was flown from the bus. it was raining at the time. dozens of people are in the hospital tonight after the london theater they were in collapsed in the middle of the show. the latest from the city's soho neighborhood. >> emergency crews used cherry pickers to examine the roof. hours earlier, pieces of the ceiling collapsed during a packed performance of a play. >> seating came down. a lot of dust, chandelier, that sort of stuff, landed on five
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or six rows. >> confined to heavy plastering, typically what you'd expect to see in the theater. many thought the collapse was part of the show. >> watch out, we thought it was part of the play. he said, we thought it was the sound effect. looked around and saw tons falling. >> some sustaining head wonts, though injured had to make their way out. >> county see anything. i didn't really. >> apollo theater was built in 1901. it has 775 feet and tonight's performance, less than a week before christmas, most of them were filled. >> the ordeal was enough to keep some theater goers home. an investigation into the cause of the collapse is underway.
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in london, alfoza, kpix5. >> making your smart phone less attractive to thieves. >> and making the most of it. getting creative wait much know coming down. >> snow pack is sitting at 63. what does that mean for the week leading up to christmas? it's a chilly night in san francisco right now. i'll have your forecast through christmas coming up, next. ,,,,
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an attorney for the family of jahi plans to ask for an injunction to keep children's hospital of oakland from taking the girl off life support. the teenager went in to get her tonsils removed and ended up brain dead. she wants the hospital to provide a feeding tube and give them at least 48 hours notice before she is taken off life support. they are also asking for access to her medical records so they can get other medical opinions. lawmakers have a new plan that would make stolen smart phones worthless. san francisco district
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attorney, george gascone are introducing a bill to have a kill switch technology. if a phone is stolen, this would make it useless. the legislature will take up the bill next month. there's a big shortage of toys for one san jose agency that helps thousands of low income families during the holidays. reps say there are 7,000 toys short. their donations continue to trickle in. this year, they are seeing a record number of families getting help. for more information on how you can donate, go to our website, the holiday spirit is shining bright in south san francisco tonight. there are some elaborate displays in the parkway states neighborhood off chest enough avenue. snow men, rain drear, and patriotism. plenty of people have been
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walking around checking it out. >> a sweet and seasonal sendoff for candle stick park. this is candy stick. a decadent version. it is 2 by 3 feet and a foot tall. it even has little ginger bread men. and we are counting down to the last regular season game at candle stick. followed by the fit quarter. parts of southern california are looking and feeling like winter. take a look at the skiers and snow boarders out enjoying the snow in right wood northeast of los angeles. parts of northern could take this. many area ski resorts are forced to get a little creative. >> this canyon view is hardly ever this green. >> there's no snow out right
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now. >> if you're expecting fresh sierra snow, you're probably disappointed. the central sierra only had one quarter the average snow pack this time of year. at sugar bowl, only five lifts will be open this weekend. eight others will be closed. >> not a good sign for them. >> we got two inches. >> in downtown truce dei, the city's proud driver had to search for snow. >> it's been slow. we need some snow, big time. >> he knows how vital it is. >> if it doesn't snow, it's going to be tough for everybody. >> while all the rentals are taken at this property management company, out of towners have one question on their mind. >> everybody wants to know if there's snow. >> what do you say? >> there's a little bit. they are blowing it at the resorts. >> the snow guns are going 28-
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0. >> it's manmade. if anything, it offers a more secure base for which mother nature dumps some powder on tap. that can come in a flurry. that's what the resorts occupy. >> we'll make more work for you. >> bring it on. >> many here are wondering for a couple days of that sierra snow that is heavy and wet. in blue canyon, kpix5. >> they are thankful it has been cold enough to make the snow. you won't be able to tell the difference between manmade and real pal. if potter is way too how long. you got to get to the sleeps. that is the key. it's been cold and dry. you stare at the rocks, you you
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are make snow in this yore. here's a peek outside san jose, you had a good air quality once fen tomorrow. san francisco, see the schav folding there. it's closed for the next couple months. it will be a chilly night, we will avoid a freeze, but it will feel chilly for the kids, likely last day of school before christmas. concord 35. napa, stan rosa, a couple degrees from freezing. chilly start tomorrow, lots of sunshine. saturday, you'll be milder back to the 60s. you will likely stay in the 60s. we showed you video of the pow coming down. for your list. moving into phoenix and arizona, that's a low pressure moving out.
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high pressure building in. we saw gusts to 40 miles per hour. high pressure is winning that battle, we'll see winds minish. that area of pressure will keep to our west. we are likely finished with rain, but it looks like we are dane for the shower. we'll be clear and sunny tomorrow. staying dry and mild. great weather. livermore, 58 tomorrow. 58 for tan ma they owe. friday, you will hit 0 tomorrow. low to mid 60s. cleaver dale 65 and sunny tomorrow. bliewfl weekend, highs remain in the 60s and through christmas next year. we will stay below normal rain-
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fall wise. that's your snow, we'll be right back. ,, a subaru... ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand.
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lines... you could try stop some of your favori last minute holiday shoppers are in luck. if you want to skip the long lines, you could try stopping by some of your favorite stores that say 2:00 in the morning, starting tomorrow, several stores will keep their doors open around the clock. up until christmas. to almost 100 hours straight for some retailers. >> it gives people the flexibility to be able to get their shopping done on their own time and in their own way.
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people come in. >> i hope people that work there get great vacation time. macy's, toys r us, best buy and khol's are some of those stores with the extended hours. >> it's worth going along and get a free shirt out of that. >> what does judge judy have to do with the rumors and the rematch in oakland spurs versus raiders. next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tim harbaugh again had to address the rumor he is interested in the texas job. today, he referenced one of his favorite tv shows when addressing the media. >> well, in judge judy's
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court, hears hearsay is not admissible. beware of unnamed sources. beware of unnamed sources. they speak with forted tongue. >> marco is saying hi to jim barnett. career night, he put the 3 to put the spurs up 72-66. last minute warriors down 3. currie faked out danny green and drains the game time 3. here's how it ended. >> the rebound loose. puts it up, and in. >> the warriors on that 104- 102. sharks, patty playing in his 1200th game. second period, ahead to tyler who gets the sharks defense and scores making it 2-0. the
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sharks win 4-1. >> all right, that's good. >> where's your evidence? ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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